When we started this journey, we couldn't find the perfect fabric anywhere - and trust us we looked! So...we decided to make the fabric ourselves. After almost 18 months in development we now have the perfect fabrics milled from scratch specifically designed to suit the drape, feel and functionality of each Robe. 

We want every Robe to look and feel sensational and to achieve this we use a unique combination of natural fibres chosen for their specific qualities, whether that is absorbency, softness, feel or drape. 

Cotton/Silk Blend 

Cotton is a soft, absorbent and breathable fibre - perfect for keeping you cool in summer. Also - cotton holds more than 27 times its own weight in water and becomes stronger when wet (awesome!). We wanted this quality to allow our Robes to be thrown on directly over a wet swimsuit and provide some natural absorbency. But absorbency doesn't necessarily equal sexy (think terrycloth towelling) so...we added a dash of silk to give the perfect sheen, lightness and drape. And guess what - it dries in about the same time as it takes to drink a couple of champagnes! 

Viscose/Silk Blend

OK - so in the interests of full disclosure (anyone can google right?), viscose is not strictly a natural fibre, but it is also not strictly a synthetic fibre. It does, in fact, sit somewhere in between. We specifically chose viscose because it is the most absorbent of all cellulose fibres (including cotton and linen). It also drapes beautifully and we mean beautifully. It feels amazing to wear and when blended with silk, it is simply divine. 


Modal is breathable, hardwearing and 50% more absorbent than cotton. Modal is mainly sourced from Beech trees and is considered a natural fibre. But, like viscose, to achieve its unique feel and drape, modal is specially processed making it less natural than natural. But still natural. Moving on...we just love the feel and drape of modal - it's soft and easy to wear and does not trap perspiration and odours making it perfect for a summer's day. Our modal has been milled for us and is very delicate to allow for transparency and drape. Due to the finesse of the fabric, the printing cannot be 100% even. Minor irregularities may be apparent, which are not defects and adds to the authenticity of the Robe.   

Fabric Care

Due to the need for perfect drape and feel, each of the Robe Fabrics are delicate and must be treated with care. As much as we would love an extremely hard wearing fabric that cannot be destroyed...sadly this would not translate to the sensual, transparent, soft and comfortable look and feel we are trying to achieve. Please ensure you follow the care instructions on each care label and refer to our FAQs should you need additional information on care.