While things in fashion are certainly changing, the industry definitely has a way to go before everything is 100% sustainable. At Robe, we believe that working towards sustainability is more than just producing garments using the right materials or with ethical practices. We believe that it means taking responsibility. And we believe it means looking at all the systems we use in the industry to make positive changes at step part of the garment's journey. 

We take this responsibility seriously. We value sustainability and have great respect for our environment and how we leave it for our children and our children's children. We also have a hell of a way to go as a brand. But, this is what we are doing currently:

- We manufacture small batches and have custom-milled and printed fabrics, which means less waste. 

- Our pieces are produced in ethical factories in China and designed in Australia.

- We use 100% natural fibres, which require less processing in the creation stage and can break down organically in the long run.

-  Our pieces are of high quality and versatile, which means you can create multiple looks and reduce the number of items required in your wardorb.e

- We make classic styles designed to sit across seasons and trends, which means you don't need to purchase as much.

- The buttons we use are made from a kosovo nut, which is fully sustainable.

Rest assured, conscious fashion is always on our minds. We are continually learning and aiming to improve what do.

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