Robe’s resort wear was born from founder Bec’s desire for a beautiful, silky coverup she could put on directly over her swimmers without ruining the fabric. But of course – she wanted to feel confident and sexy when wearing it. 

There was no fabric existing on the market that fulfilled Bec’s needs for functionality while retaining the beautiful feel of silk, so she decided to develop the fabric herself. It took 18 months (and many champagnes!), but Bec created three amazing, custom-milled fabrics from natural fibres that were specifically designed to suit the drape, feel and absorbency of each Robe.  

Bec chose a unique combination of natural fibres to ensure that each Robe looks and feels sensational, sourcing them from the best manufacturers so that each aspect of our luxury resort wear meets the highest standards of quality.  

Cotton/Silk Blend 

Cotton is one of the most popular natural fibres, as its soft, absorbent and breathable – perfect for the warm Australian summer. Cotton also holds more than 27 times its own weight in water and becomes stronger when wet (yes, really!), so Bec wanted to use this fibre to achieve the natural absorbency she was looking for. However, cotton can also be stiff and heavy on its own – which is why she added a dash of silk to create a material that had the perfect sheen, lightness and drape. Our unique 70% cotton, 30% silk blend maintains its absorbency and strength in water while also feeling amazing on the skin and has become a signature of Robe’s luxury resort wear.  

Viscose/Silk Blend 

When Bec was designing the Sarah maxi dress, Bec discovered that she needed a slightly heavier fibre than the Robe cotton/silk blend in order to create the drape that she wanted. So, she turned to viscose – a fibre that has natural origins but is heavily processed in its creation. It’s the most absorbent of all cellulose fibres, and when combined with silk it feels amazing and drapes beautifully! Our custom-milled viscose/silk blend is seen exclusively in the Sarah maxi resort dress. 


Modal is the buzzword of the textile industry now – it's a breathable, absorbent natural fibre that’s made from spinning Beech tree pulp. It has natural origins, but it’s heavily processed to attain its unique weave and feel so many people consider it semi-natural (like viscose). Robe’s custom-milled modal is breathable, hardwearing, and 50% more absorbent than cotton – and what’s more, it doesn’t trap perspiration or odours (yes, really!). Bec chose a delicate weave that gives a beautiful transparency and drape, but because of these minor irregularities may be apparent on the print. These are not defects, but rather signs of the authenticity of the Robe. Our custom modal is used exclusively in the Bec sarong Robe. 

Fabric Care 

Our Robes are designed to be longstanding pieces that are loved in your wardrobe, but their longevity relies on how you care for the fabric. Each piece comes with washing instructions, so please ensure you follow what is outlined on the label.  

For full care instructions, please refer to our Garment Care page 

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