Rebecca Kroon founded Robe in 2018 not only to fill a gap in the market for functional but luxurious resort wear but also because she wanted women to feel empowered and confident when by the water. 

Bec worked as a lawyer for many years but swapped out the corporate life to follow her love of fashion and passion to create. To build something beautiful. In late 2018, she created the World of Robe  -  a space to inspire women to live their best Robe life - a life of laughter, friends, travel, champagne and empowerment. And to look and feel confident and sexy while they do it. 

A mum of two human children - Oscar and Sophia - and two fur babies - Pepa and Harry and married to a busy Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Bec doesn't have a lot of down time. But when she does you can find her running, snow skiing, wake boarding or just lazing around with friends at the beach or beside a pool, champagne in hand. OK hand on heart, sometimes you will see her by the pool with her laptop in her lap (it's what they're made for right?) but always champagne in hand!