Every piece in Robe’s collection is created with high quality fabrics and finishes. However, our materials include delicate, natural fibres such as silk and modal, and so your Robe should be treated with care in order to keep it looking beautiful. 

To do this, we recommend that you follow our care instructions. Please note, these are also available on the care tag on your Robe.  

What makes Robe’s silk blend resort wear unique is its easy-wash capabilities. We recommend either handwashing, or using a gentle machine cycle, to wash your Robes with a delicate-friendly washing detergent. Do not spin or tumble dry your Robes – the bespoke fabrics are designed to dry quickly, naturally! Robe recommends that you hang them out to dry as soon as possible, as it’s best to avoid packing or storing your garments when they’re wet. 

Do not soak or bleach your Robes, as this may cause the dyes on some garments to run. We always use the best possible dyes available, but your particular care can help ensure that the colour stays fresh and fast for longer by also avoiding excess contact with harsh chemicalsThis includes from suntan lotions, sunscreens, saunas, spas, pools, deodorants, makeup and perfume.  However, please remember that it’s normal for some colours to fade over time with wear. 

Please note that in some cases, there may be minor inconsistencies in our fabrics or seams. These are not faults, and rather indicate the high quality, natural fabrics that are used in our luxury resort wear. If you have any questions about quality or care of your Robes, feel free to contact us at info@getrobed.com.au