Robe is an Australian resort wear label founded by Rebecca Kroon. Designed in Australia, it has quickly become the go-to brand for luxury garments that transition effortlessly from water to shore by some of Australia’s most influential women, such as Nikki Phillips and Christie Sutherland 

Robe was created when Rebecca found a gap in the market for luxury resort wear that had the beautiful feel of silk, but functionality of cotton. She was inspired by her own experiences wanting to cover up and protect herself from the sun by the water, but still feel sexy and stylish. And so, she set out to create a range of summer kaftans and beach-ready dresses that could be worn wet or dry – but always chic.  

Rebecca developed the fabrics used in the Robe collection from scratch, spending 18 months developing the three bespoke materials that have become a signature of the brand. Lightweight, breathable and beautiful, Robe’s fabrics are made from natural fibres and what sets the label apart from other resort wear brands – oh, and you can put them on directly over wet swimmers! 

Robe is committed to the slow fashion movement, choosing to only release two collections a year filled with high-quality designs that transcend seasons and become treasured items in our customers’ closets. We manufacture ethically and are not concerned with trends, instead creating classically stylish pieces that provide the versatility the Robe woman wants.  

Robe is committed to supporting our community and helping effect positive change through the Robe – Humanity Initiative, where we support a meaningful cause each month.  

Robe is also proud to have partnered with Miss Universe Australia as the official luxury resort wear partner for the 2020 program. 

Join the World of Robe – fresh Australian design with a touch of luxury and accompanied by a glass of champagne. This is the ultimate destination for resort wear that’s as versatile as you are... so throw on a Robe, crack a bottle of champagne and celebrate life! Wet. Dry. Sexy.