We Get Makeup Secrets from Beauty Insider Amanda Ramsay

Amanda Ramsay is on a mission to help women of all ages feel fabulous - especially those over 40 trying to navigate the youth-obsessed beauty industry. Not only did she take out the title of Queensland Makeup Artist of the Year in 2018 – Amanda aims to empower and educate women through her workshops and blog, where she shares her top tips for feeling fabulous at any age. I am personally a bit hopeless with makeup to be honest. I seriously walk into Mecca and just about have a stroke thinking about all of the products I ‘should’ have in my makeup drawer but don’t! Amanda is all about keeping things fresh and simple, which is an ethos I just love and can easily relate to. Not only that but she is a gorgeous human being who loves a champagne or two! 

We sat down with Amanda to learn more about the makeup maestro...

Amanda – you’re an incredibly successful artist and businesswoman, and on top of that you have two gorgeous boys to run after. What routines do you incorporate in your day to fit everything in?

A very simple morning skincare regime and a 5 Minute Makeup routine. They are “habits” that take minimal time … and I can roll them out fast, changing up my lip colour or eye colour depending on my mood.

You’ve worked with huge celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Sophie Monk – what's one career achievement that you’re especially proud of? 

Winning MAGAP (Makeup Artist Guild Asia Pacific) 2018 QLD Makeup Artist of the Year felt really bloody good – flying the flag for women over 40…. and Margaret, aged 78 attended one of my makeup masterclasses, and told me she hadn’t felt that good, that happy, and so special in years. To see her beaming honestly totally made everything I’m doing feel worthwhile, and important.

We love that you are passionate about sharing your beauty insider know-how to help empower women over 40. What do you think is the most valuable thing that women gain from your workshops?


What inspired you to focus on this area in particular?

My mother in law told me that she felt invisible after menopause... this crushed me … and that seed was planted to do my little bit to make sure all women remain seen, feel relevant, appreciated, loved, heard and valued despite age. The beauty industry is obsessed with youth – so all of a sudden you find yourself reach 40 and wonder where the hell do I fit in? No one is talking to me .. and if they are, their marketing messages are all about “anti ageing” with a 20 something model as the spokeperson. So you’ve millions on women who are wondering if they’re relevant … and striving for “youth” as the goal and just feeling shit about themselves. It’s time to redefine “beauty”. 

And following on – what does empowerment mean to you?

Confidence to be who you are – and what makes you feel amazing.

Okay – we couldn’t let you go without talking about your favourite products. What are the top five products every woman should have in their makeup bag, and why?

  1. High factor, lightweight moisturising sunscreen. Do I need to explain? No1 cause of premature ageing is the sun.
    2. Luminous finish foundation or BB cream. A more even skin tone looks healthy and yes, more youthful.
    3. Cream blush in a pinky apricot tone. A flush of blush can really give you a lift.
    4. Mascara. Loads of it. Helps to define your eyes and loading up the outer corners with give your eyes a little “lift”
    5. Vibrant lipstick. A bright lip is super powerful, and can really shift your mood. It’s hard to ignore a woman with a banging red lip isn’t it?

We hear that you're also passionate about using low-tox, or natural products. Why is this important to you, and what should we be looking out for?

My philosophy is .. if there is a product that is 100% natural (ie. free from synthetic ingredients) and performs as well as a traditional product, why the hell wouldn’t you use it? I talk about the “Suspicious Six”.

What’s the secret to youthful-looking makeup, even north of 40?

Healthy skin, luminous foundation, fluffy natural-looking brows … and my 6 step process that is the Ultimate 5 Minute Makeup … will have your looking fresh, more youthful, mighty fabulous at every age… can’t give away all my secrets you’ll need to schedule a personal Beauty Consult OR come to one of my Makeup Masterclasses for all my insider secrets, tips and tricks 😉

What’s one beauty myth you want busted?

That you need primer. You do not.

Apart from makeup, what’s one issue we should all be talking about?

Menopause, peri menopause and life after menopause.

What’s in your Netflix queue at the moment? Brene Brown: The Call to Courage, David Letterman: My next guest needs no introduction with Kanye West, The Killing, Billions and Unreal (both on Stan but OMG).

What’s your favourite makeup trend this season? Jewel toned eye makeup. I’ve had loads of fun with jewel-toned eyeliners, and showing women how a simple (inexpensive) sapphire blue, emerald green or vibrant purple can be worn.

Who inspires you? Mia Freedman. My Sister Bronwyn… and our late Mother Wendy.

Your favourite quote to live by? "If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel... go up there and light the bloody thing yourself!" Sara Henderson.

What don’t you leave the house without? Moisturising Sunscreen.

What’s something that people might not know about you? I was born in Los Angeles, I’m totally addicted to True Crime podcasts and I’m not very good at being told what to do 😉. 

And finally – which is your favourite Robe? The Nikki in Blue Streak. It just looks like holidays!

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