We Chat Mental Health and Mum Life with Rachel Thaiday

We’re a little bit obsessed with this kickass former netballer, fitness professional and mum-of-two. Oh, and you might have heard of her husband – former Broncos star Sam Thaiday. Not only is Rachel Thaiday one of Brisbane’s busiest women, she’s one of the nicest and most generous people you could ever meet.

We caught up with Rachel to discover what makes this incredible woman get out of bed in the morning, and were inspired by her passion for mental health and fitness. She was also kind enough to send through some photos of her rocking the Nikki in Leopard alongside her eldest daughter Gracie - twinning in the Sophia Mini-me! How cute are they?

Rachel! We love, love, love your positive attitude towards life. To start off – what’s something that you’ve achieved recently that you’re really proud of?

I have recently come back from LA where I have been training under Da Rulk, whom is one of the Centr Trainers (Chris Hemsworth's fitness program) and am now a Certified Level 2 RFT Trainer. This is Raw Functional Training Curriculum has taken my own training mindset and body to another whole level. At the moment I am one of two trainers in Australia that is certified to coach this curriculum. Both trips, for my Level 1 and Level 2, pushed me to my absolute limits and definitely broke me but never beat me! I loved every second of it!

You are clearly a driven and successful woman. What drives you to get up every day, and what do you incorporate into your morning routine to ensure you always get the most out of every day?

My driver is my girls, I want to be the best Mum and role model for them, they are my world. This brings me to the reason why I need exercise in my mornings, it is my routine. If I train, I am sane, my mental clarity is at a high which then means I am a better Mum for my girls. They are obviously a large part of my morning routine as well as a few coffees to kick start the day.

We hear that you’re a former pro-netballer and now a qualified personal trainer. What does exercise and wellness mean to you, and how has it influenced your life?

Yes, I am not shy in confessing Netball has always been my thing, haha. I love it, I played State League netball and was in the QLD Academy of Sport for 5 years on a scholarship. This helped shape me to who I am today in so many ways as it was at such a crucial age in my life. It gave me routine, structure and discipline right when I needed it.

You’ve been really open about your experience with post-natal depression after the birth of your gorgeous daughters. What inspired you to share your story, and what advice do you have to share?

A few things inspired me to share my story with this, first one would be our youngest girl Ellsie going off to Kindy this year. She has been with me up until now and it gave me that moment to stop and reflect. Secondly, having our podcast with Nova, Am I a Bad Mum, provides such a safe space to share as there are so many parents out there maybe going through the same or something similar, so I just got uncomfortable (as my business mentor likes to call it) and opened my heart up to the world and shared my feelings. PND for me was very prevalent with both my girls but especially bad second baby!

You’re taking the media world by storm with your parenting podcast alongside co-host Katie Mattin – another kickass Brisbane-based mum. Why did you start your own show, and what has been the biggest thing you’ve learnt since?

Katie and I connected at a lunch for the first time as she has a show with my husband too. I think I walked in late to the lunch as I had been in chaos with my kids earlier and walked into the lunch and openly told her what I thought about the whole being late saga, which I won’t go into too much detail now but there may have been a few swear words thrown in there. Katie and I pretty much clicked from there and realised we parent very similarly. It was a blossoming friendship from there really. We have a ball sitting a chatting over coffee and share it with the world at the same time!

There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being in the spotlight – what has life been like after Sam’s retirement in 2018?

Life after footy has been super busy, I think Sam is definitely away more now then he was with footy. Life is busy, but to be honest I would not have it any other way, that’s just the kind of girl I am.

Both you and Sam have an amazing sense of style (we adore his funky tuxedo jackets!), what is the most hardworking piece in your wardrobe, and how does Robe fit into your lifestyle?

My hardest working pieces in my wardrobe (apart from my Robe Collection, of course) would be my Phillipe Model Sneakers or my black blazer. My Robe Collection consist of such beautiful pieces that are so effortless and easy to wear. Plus it makes me feel beautiful and like I am on holidays somewhere.

Outside of fashion (which we could discuss for hours), what’s one issue we should all be talking about?

Oh I love fashion, so happy to stay on that. One thing we should be talking about it at the moment, is how movement can make you get those really good feels deep in your stomach. So many of us see movement, fitness and wellbeing as a chore in life. I would love to help create conversation and help people understand that when you find what movement/fitness outlet that makes you tick and gives you those feels in life, it can be game changing. Helps with all things wellbeing including Mental Clarity and a great stress and anxiety outlet! Life is all about balance and moderation, we just have to find the balance that works for each one of us.

What’s in your streaming queue at the moment? Big Little Lies - Season 2

What’s your favourite trend this season? I am not huge on trends, I prefer to stick with my everyday staples. At the moment I am loving a Slip dress under my fave tee shirt with a blazer and sneakers.

Who inspires you? Da Rulk (check him out on Instagram) and my business mentor right now inspires me daily, the last 6 months have been challenging but at the same time so rewarding in my own personal growth.

Your favourite quote to live by? There are 24 useable hours in every day or You Do You Boo. I love them!

What don’t you leave the house without? Jo Malone Pomegrante Perfume, Carmex lip balm for a little bit of shine and plump and Doterra Peppermint Beadlets instead of gum.

What’s something that people might not know about you? I lived in the Middle East for 2 years. I have traveled my way around the globe which is something that makes me so happy. My favourite time of the day is sunrise!

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