Style Report - Summer in the City

We all know that resort wear is no longer simply for around the pool or on vacation, it is now a hot category in fashion. One of the reasons I created Robe was to recognise that women need versatile pieces in their wardrobe that reflect a new age of work that is flexible, allows for mobility and travel and that ultimately ensures a relaxed elegance regardless of what you are doing. Resort wear is something that is comfortable and unrestrictive yet surprisingly elegant so it's the perfect staple in your wardrobe not just for holidays but for every day wear. 

We took this a step further recently during a shoot which saw our model wearing bikinis and Robes in striking colours with heels and blazers. While for a 9 - 5 working environment we would recommend a slightly less 'swim' focussed look, we wanted to highlight the diversity of our pieces and, of course, have a bit of fun. 


So we challenge you to shake it up a wee bit this summer. Wear what you want to wear and be who you want to be. It's all about confidence and style. While we maybe recommend NOT to wear just your bikini bottoms to work, why not try the Nikki belted at the waist with some heels and a blazer or the Molly wrapped around for a fuller look with some flats and a t-shirt tied in a knot for a casual Friday feel. We do. xxR

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