Tying your Robe

When Robe was conceptualised, we wanted to create a garment that was multi-purpose. Firstly we wanted a garment that could be worn over a wet OR dry swimsuit and secondly we wanted a garment that could be used both as a casual throw over when waterside and as an elegant piece suitable for sunset cocktails or a long lazy lunch. 

During the design process we specifically considered how one garment could be utilised in a number of different ways. What is surprising to me, following launch, is how many new and amazing ways of wearing our Robes our market have come up with! Recently, we worked with a very talented illustrator to demonstrate just some of the ways to wear your Robe.

As an example, the Bec, can be worn as a pareo, a dress (strapless, halter neck, casually open or fastened at the belly button), a scarf etc etc etc. G E N I U S !!!

To make life easy for you, we have created a brand new page on our website demonstrating how to tie your Robes. We are also happy to provide you with an in-house styling session in Brisbane on different ways to wear your Robe. Simply email us at info@getrobed.com.au to make an appointment.  

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