The Quintessential Summer Robe - Jenni Sellan, Stylist, Shows Us How It's Done

HOW DO you define the quintessential summer piece? We asked Jenni Sellan, one of Brisbane's most talented (not to mention approachable, beautiful, smart and funny) stylists, to give us some tips. 


It has to be effortless and so light and luxurious that it almost feels as though you are wearing nothing at all.
Of course it’s perfectly paired with your favourite glass of champagne and it allows for a seamless transition from beach to bar and poolside to lunching with the ladies.


If you consider yourself a sun chaser who dreams of endless summer days, Robe was created with you in mind. Effortlessly chic and timeless in design, Robe has perfected your quintessential summer pieces.


For the ultimate in versatility and style “The Bec” is a must have piece from the Robe Collection. It’s poolside perfection and its potential is limited only by your imagination and styling prowess, and don’t be fooled… its simplicity is both its super power and its genius.


With so many styling options available to you, we have chosen our top three ‘ties’ to inspire…..


Look one - The simplest of them all.  Simply bring the ends of the Bec up under your arms and tie around your neck. You have created a stylish cover up that will have you feeling instantly chic and sexy.


Look Two

For this look you will need to grab the tie that accompanies ‘The Bec’.
Simply keep the robe in place from look one, and bring the two panels together at the front. Wrap the tie around the waist, creating a knot or a bow, depending on your personal preference and either tie at the side or in the centre.
Create a little ‘v’ at the front and tuck the back in to create a clean line.
Ladies you are champagne cocktail ready!



Look Three


To create this look, untie the knot around your neck from look one and two. Cross the two ends in front and then take the edges and tie them around your neck to create a halter.
As in look two, grab the tie and place it around your waist positioning the knot or bow to your liking and you have taken your Bec and created a halter neck dress.
Simply add a summer wedge and a pair of statement earrings and dinner awaits…



Whether you are spending the summer at home, being treated to a luxury getaway or have plans for the perfect European vacay underway, my friends, it’s time to get Robed!


Jenni Sellan is a stylist based in Brisbane (one of our absolute faves). You can find her on Insta @jennisellan / FB Jenni Sellan I Nothing Less Than Chic and

Model: @rossnmelsmith

Photography: @terrihanlonphotography

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