Champagne, Champagne, Champagne

Who doesn't love champagne. I don't know about you but we are forever on the search for an excuse to drink it - so just imagine a world in which it is your JOB to drink champagne! The beautiful bubbly Bernadette O'Shea of Brisbane does just that. AND she has a plethora of qualifications from France (which are too many to list) but can we just say include a knighthood from the French Government for her work in the champagne industry.

I had pleasure of meeting Bernadette almost nine years ago at one of her AMAZING champagne master classes, which inspired an ongoing love affair with the delectable bubbly drink! Now I do not pretend to know very much about champagne - although I am always happy to learn more - but I can say my absolute favourite champange is the Louis Roderer Blanc de Blanc. It is light, elegant and goes perfectly while relaxing poolside in my Robe!

We sat down with Bernadette to ask her a few key questions about champagne:

Q: What makes champagne such a special drink?

A: It is joyful, happy, full of spirit, magnificence and euphoria. It expresses every mood and speaks every language.

Bec: OK so we can take from this that we should absolutely be drinking champagne no matter how we are feeling or where in the world we are. LOVE it!

Q: When did you first taste champagne?

A: It was at a party and someone gave me a glass. I knew it was the best wine I have ever tasted. I was hooked!

Bec: Can someone please give me a glass of champagne at a party. Anyone. Please. Even if you have to have a party just to give me a glass of champagne.

Q: How often do you visit champagne?

A: Hopefully every year.

Bec: I am totally taking this as my cue that I should also visit champagne every year. Sorry Ben!

Q: What is your best advice for someone who is just learning about champagne?

A: Take time to sip this exquisite wine - enjoy its charm, its elegance, finesse and enchantment. It will transport you to another world! Remember to taste champagne in thoughtful sips.

Bec: Sorry guys - I have to run. If you need me I will be in a fabulous world of bubbles and laughter sipping thoughtfully on my beautiful champagne!

If you want to meet Bernadette (and we highly recommend you do) she will be running a Masterclass on both Saturday (19th of May 2018) and Sunday (20th of May 2018) at the Noosa Food & Wine festival. The perfect place to pop on a Robe and drink some champagne! And if you want a very very special treat we hear there is a champagne soireé on the Saturday evening where you can taste Krug, Dom Perignon, Dom Ruinart and La Grand Dame. Oh yeah!

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