A letter from Bec - Welcome to the World of Robe

Let's face it. Robe has always been more than just luxury resort wear (for me anyway!).  Robe is about drinking champagne in the sun with your friends, laughter, taking amazing holidays, eating beautiful food in beautiful restaurants, cocktails at sunset, your feet in the sand and the warm breeze on your face, sneaky weekend getaways, boats and luxury. Oh the luxury. This is the World of Robe. It is no secret that I LOVE champagne ( I know I know tell you something you don't know). I LOVE red wine. and I LOVE eye fillet. Blue - seriously just hit the cow over the head and serve it to me already. I also LOVE lindt balls, the beach, Europe in summer, boating in Moreton Bay, Gucci, Chanel and Louis Vuitton. All of these things were a key part in the development of Robe and now we want to share more of this with you. 


Yep - the team at Robe HQ have created the World of Robe. A place where we will share with you how to live your best Robe life.  And, while we will include lots of 'living well' advice because that is important to basic survival (sadly we can't live on champagne and Lindt balls all the time), it's also going to include some naughty stuff. Indulgence and luxury. Because everyone needs balance. The World of Robe will be honest and real. You will not see any recipes for 12 layer chia seed and açai bowls with hand ground activated almond nuts or 7- day a week, 2 hour per day exercise programmes (because seriously who has time and who actually does that?) and we will categorically ban any discussion about the ill effects of red wine or champagne on the body. So if the World of Robe is not all about clean eating and exercise, fad diets and trends then what the heck is it about?

The Beautiful World of Robe

Our goal with the World of Robe is this: to create a space where we can live and breathe all things Robe...and I promise that isn't just champagne. This is a space where we can share with you the things we love, the things we need, the things we want and the things we do. The Robe life is luxurious but grounded with a bit of spice thrown in from other amazing people doing other amazing things.  

    We will share with you stories, commentaries, Q&As, collaborations and lots of interesting tips and life hacks to help you find and live your best Robe life. We will hit on hot topics such as gut health, probiotics, food for life (real and actual meals that we make and eat), realistic exercise, botox (oops did we just say the naughty B word?), bespoke gin, our favourite sandals, bags and sunglasses, travel - with and without kids, relationships...and the list goes on (oh my god - almost forgot champagne - we will share about champagne). Excitement plus!!

    So - what do you think? We would LOVE to hear from you about what you love and do and think. So please - hit comment below or shoot us an email at info@getrobed.com.au. 

    OK - enough from me - let's do this!

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