So, What Exactly is Resort Wear?

COVID has been the catalyst for a LOT of change in the fashion industry. We're glad to be welcoming some positive advancements - a conscious mindset, focus on quality, and local spotlight - but recently we've also seen some really sad developments within the industry. With Bauer announcing the closure of a number of fashion magazines, it's fair to say that the Australian landscape will continue to change dramatically over the coming months and prompt some really hard - but important - discussions about the way we do things as an industry.

One major change that we're seeing is the shakeup of the fashion week calendar. Although happening mostly overseas, the Australian system will likely be influenced by some designers' key decision to slow down the production pace and release fewer collections each year. Some of our luxury faves, including Gucci, have already announced a shift to seasonless - and at Robe, this is something we're actually really excited for!

Models at Melbourne Cup event smile at camera wearing Robe resort wear

We've always taken a slow fashion approach to our production and supply chain. To this point, we've only released one to two collections a year and designed with versatility in mind - following the capsule wardrobe mantra that each piece in a collection should be able to mix and match in multiple (chic!) ways. And as our founder Bec discussed in our previous blog post, we're doubling down on this in the coming months with smaller production and conscious designs that fulfil our customer's needs. 

Which leads us to...

Another question that seems to be popping up on socials recently: what exactly is resort wear? Well, we're glad you asked! Resort, or cruise, collections have often sat in the awkward space between seasons, and this means that they're actually being dropped by many brands as we move forward. But that's okay with us!


Robe's approach to resort doesn't fit with the traditional model. We believe in designs that transcend seasons and can be worn year-round with some smart styling.

To us, resort wear is all about relaxed silhouettes that are both flattering and effortlessly chic. Our signature silk/cotton blend is designed to float luxuriously around the body, so our Robes are always draped in a way that makes the most of this! 


So while we classify ourselves as a resort wear brand, you can be sure that we consider a comprehensive view as part of our design and development process so ensure that each piece is perfect for the many aspects of our customer's life, year-round. At the moment, Bec has been road testing samples for our next collection (so you might've seen a sneak peek on our social media) and refining the design ready for our next collection. Which may seem bizarre considering that we haven't even finished releasing our current collection, but this shows firstly, how long the planning stage really is, and secondly, the trans-seasonal flavour that underpins each of our collections.

Here at Robe, we define resort as a way of life - living our best everyday and finding pleasure in the luxuries, big or small. While it's been a turbulent few months (to say the least!) and our hearts are breaking for every journalist, editor, photographer and creative affected by the magazine closures, we're excited to see how the Australian fashion industry evolves and can't wait to cement our place within it. And while we're at it, we'll continue finding ways to enjoy wearing our resort wear year-round...

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