One Robe, Three Ways: The Series

Here at Robe, we're always banging on about versatility in our collection. After all - it's in our motto: Wet, Dry, Sexy. That's why we figured it was time to finally show you what it's all about and style the same Robe for three different occasions: a morning spent laying on the beach, a lunch date at your favourite seaside restaurant, and after-dark cocktails at the resort bar.

And so we're introducing, One Robe, Three Ways. 

Featuring our founder and designer Bec and filmed at home during COVID-19, these short videos were created with a chic and curated selection of accessories from Bec's own closet. Bec chose three completely different styles - The Sarah J, The Nikki, and The Isabelle - and used the same range of accessories to create three different looks for each Robe. 

While we continue on our sustainability journey, we wanted to show how choosing quality pieces and classic styles can elevate your wardrobe and help you purchase less, while still getting a variety of stylish and versatile looks that work for anything life might throw at you.

While Bec wishes she could get dressed this quickly in the morning, please note these were sped up in editing... 

The Sarah J

Bec says... "I like to have something to wear when I am on the beach after a swim. I am okay with 20 minutes in swimmers, but beyond that I really want to cover up. After having had a melanoma in my 20s, I am pretty careful with my skin these days. The Sarah J is perfect to just throw on and give the body and leg coverage that I'm looking for. Its relaxed fit makes it super easy to wear and comfortable without being fussy. If I want to pop out for lunch, I simply grab some sneakers or sandals and a jacket if there’s a breeze, and I’m good to go!


The Nikki

Bec says... “The Nikki really is a classic piece. When I want full coverage at the beach after some time in the sun, this is the Robe I grab. Not only does it make me feel sexy and feminine because of how it’s cut, it actually covers and helps protect me from the sun. Even better when I can exit straight from the ocean, grab a pair of sandals and a hat and I am good to go for lunch with the hubby”.

The Isabelle

Bec says... “When I'm on holidays or just taking a long weekend away somewhere local (thanks COVID), I really like to keep my packing limited. I don’t want to be bothered taking different clothes for every occasion, preferring to pack a few items that can be used in multiple ways. Obviously all of our Robes are perfect for that but the Isabelle is especially a great piece for this reason. I LOVE that I can just wrap myself up in it to cover my shoulders and bum AND can wear it to cocktails with a pair of stiletto sandals later in the day.” 


How do YOU style your Robes? We hope you can find some inspiration in Bec's beach, lunch and bar outfits and discovered how to pack for a weekend away with minimal items - make sure to tag us on Instagram @get_robed the next time you wear your Robe out and about! 

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