Behind the Scenes: Our Friends Shoot!

We love any excuse for a party... and when you throw in some fabulous Robes, gorgeous accessories from our friends at El Zapato, Becker Minty Brisbane, Jimena Alejandra and Une Piece, it's sure to be a fun day!

Summer had hit us at Robe HQ like a tonne of bricks (thank goodness for air conditioning!) and so we decided to organise a shoot to show off our collection (including a few new pieces) - but this wasn't going to be just any campaign.

Our Robes are about more than just having a beautiful piece to throw on over your swimwear, they are about feeling sexy and confident by the water, laughing with friends and celebrating life. 

We wanted our imagery on our website and social platforms to reflect our Robe customers and our best Robe life, so we asked YOU!

We were so excited by the response we received on social media, and we found four incredible friends (+ Bec who hates to miss out on a champagne session with friends!) who perfectly embody the Robe woman - stylish, confident, and with a penchant for champagne.  

Our friends got dressed and glammed up by the amazing Reanin Glah and Mallory Osses, and had a fabulous day by the pool with champagne, laughs, and some seriously delicious platters from The Picnic Co. 

Thanks to the fabulous Mel from Smile Photographics, the girls felt comfortable, confident and gorgeous as they 'posed-not-posed' for the camera. She perfectly captured how much fun our 'accidental models' (a term coined by Venny!) had on the day and all the beautiful pieces they were wearing. 

You'll eventually get to see all of the fabulous photos on social media, but for now we wanted to introduce our friends and show you a sneak peek behind the scenes...


"Hey there! I'm Venny. I'm a Mum of three crazies and an early years teacher who generally goes at a million miles per hour! I was excited to be part of the Friends Shoot because it was not only a super fun way to spend the day, but I also got to know some lovely ladies that I hadn't really met before! The hair and make-up, the champers, yummy snacks and beautiful accessories were an added bonus, as were the divine Robes we got to wear! I loved the styles and colours of several Robes however, my favourite was the Bec. I felt this style suited my shorter stature and can't wait to try it out these school hols! 

You can find Venny on Insta @thisloudlife


Hi, I'm Claire - mother of two active boys and a lover of the beach and outdoors. I feel very privileged to have been part of the Robe's Friend's Shoot. From getting my hair and make-up done, to drinking champagne with the girls, to being styled in beautiful Robes - the perfect day! I have several Robes as they work effortlessly in my lifestyle. I love how I can wear them to the beach (they dry so quickly) and then straight out to lunch or drinks. My favourite is the Bec in Leopard  - it was on high rotation on my recent trip to Hamilton island. 

You can find Claire on Insta @theaccountantswife


Well hello there! I'm Annie. I'm a new member of the 40 club and have two gorgeous little girls. I have had about 5 careers (all incredibly varied) and now have my own jewellery range. I wanted to do the Robe Shoot because ... who wouldn't? You get to swan about in gorgeous Robes and hang with some of your favourite people. I love the way each of the ladies has carved out their own path as mature (sometimes), smart, kind hearted people. Seriously I fell in love with the new Bec in Leopard - I saw it on Insta and was immediately smitten... Bec herself can attest to that! Leopard print is a neutral right??

You can find Annie (and her beautiful jewellery) on Insta @order_of_style


Hey there, Jan here! I'm a Brisbane Mum of 3, and I'm from England with Jamaican parents. I have a background in medical research and have an online Vegan Health & Wellness business. I love to travel, sing and eat out. I wanted to be involved in this shoot because there is zero better ways to spend your Monday morning than to hang out with your beautiful girlfriends in a stunning home, have your hair and make up done professionally, get dressed up in the most stunning resort wear ever, have professional pics taken, while drinking champers the whole time! What's not to love? My week peaked very early! The Sarah in Charbon de Bois was my pick to take home. I loved everything about it - the colour, the length, the gorgeous low back and the POCKETS!!

You can find Jan on Insta @jan_reid_health

And a few BTS shots, because why not??

Fashion shoots are always fun - as Kate Spade said, 'Playing dress up begins at age 5, and never truly ends' - but this one was definitely special. Thank you to everyone involved!  

Photography of the girls by Melissa Straughton on Insta @smilephotographics

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