The Clare in Snow


Who LOVES a good sarong but hates trying to tie one? First there's the folding, then there's the tying and the tucking to ensure its even and if you are also trying to balance a glass of champagne, it is virtually impossible. And in comes the Clare where we have literally done the work for you (we are pretty good like that). The Clare is deceptively simple and, we might add, a little seductive. Simply put - it's short, its sexy, it's easy. It's a must have casual piece for your holiday fun.

Oh My God - we almost forgot to mention - the Clare can also be worn as a top. Whoop whoop. That's brilliance defined right there. 

The Clare in Snow is that little bit angelic and that little bit naughty. Grab the Clare and find your balance today. 

Our model is 5'7 and a half, wears an Australian size 8 and is wearing a size 1 Clare. Check our sizing information to ensure a beautiful fit.

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