Words from Mum

This Mother's Day, we at Robe are honouring our mums by... looking at ourselves! You may call it narcissistic, but our intentions mean well! Looking at what we have become, thanks to the life lessons we've been taught along the way, we give thanks to Mum, and hope we make them proud. 

From a very young age, we seek our Mothers' praise. Whether it's a scribble of a drawing as a toddler or a new promotion at work, we constantly look for their approval. Maybe this is because along every step of the way to our achievements, it's Mum who has guided and supported us the most.

Now that our borders are open to NZ, Bec's mum Joan traveled to our Store here at the W Brisbane to pay us a visit. She came on the pretence of a High Tea, and was very quickly put to work (sorry Joan!). The brief was "a few words about your daughter" and what she produced was a very beautiful message, which we can share with you all now. 

"I have always been immensely proud of Bec as she has progressed through life. Always prepared to think outside the square and challenge herself. She was always able to convince me that “black is white” from a very early age - thus becoming a highly successful lawyer!

Moving from the security of life as a lawyer into the hugely different and competitive world of fashion was a surprise for me. A move that has enabled her to express her creativity and business nous. I am now no longer surprised as I watch her go from strength to strength. She is an inspiration and I adore her."

I'm not crying - you are! It just goes to show, we can pay back everything we owe to our mums by becoming the best versions of ourselves - someone who they can be proud of. Inspire them, like they have inspired us.

This Mother's Day, we encourage you to share your gratitude with your mum and express what you are proud of. And of course, spoil them! We all know they deserve it.  

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At W The Store X Robe, Joan in The Leopard Robe Tee and Bec in a soon-to-be-released Robe.


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