'Transeasonal' - Winter's Buzzword

WTF Is Transeasonal Dressing?

I know you all would have heard the word 'transeasonal', but let's unpack exactly what that means. Because I am a lawyer at heart and LOVE a good definition. And I am a bit of a nerd. 

Before we look at 'transeasonal' we really need to understand slow fashion (OK my inner nerd is totally coming out now) because that is what is at the heart of transeasonal dressing. Slow fashion is about choosing a higher quality product so that it will have longevity in your wardrobe. It is about undertaking a new approach to fashion to help address the major problem our industry faces - huge consumption and consequent massive amounts of landfill. Producers of slow fashion (like us) have a more traditional seasonal approach of 1 - 4 seasons per year (in contrast to 25 seasons for the likes of Zara and H&M - fast fashion producers), we take longer to produce our garments because the focus is on high quality fabrics and manufacture and we are, for the most part, smaller boutiques with original design. 

We think slow fashion equals good fashion.

Wow - this is sooooo much more serious than I anticipated. But actually this is a pretty serious issue and is something we here at Robe take very seriously.

Transeasonal dressing goes hand in hand with slow fashion. It is about curating your wardrobe so that your pieces sit across seasons, which means less consumption, which means less landfill and you save money. Bonus! One the hardest things about transeasonal dressing is being able to change your approach to your wardrobe. It is abut blurring the lines between winter and summer. It is about sartorial creativity. And that is exciting. 

Our 3 Tips

OK - enough with the technicalities. Let's talk tips.

  1. A Statement Dress.

We LOVE the Nikki as a statement piece. The most obvious in these circumstances is the Nikki in Leopard. Although the Nikki in Midnight or Blue Streak would also cross-over beautifully. Grab some flats, some sneakers or a great pair of boots, a jacket - leather or denim or a blazer and a belt, a long cardigan and a belt bag and/or a scarf and you're set. So many options. 

  1. A Maxi Skirt.

Modest and sleek silhouettes are absolutely a must for this winter - think Celine heralding the 70s and bourgeoisie style. Modern and block colours are also making their comeback. Oh - hello The Molly in Midnight or Black Chrysanthemum or Charbon de Bois. Team it with some boots and a heavy wool jersey...maybe throw in a belt for good measure and you are set for winter. We are good at this!

  1. A Shirt. 

OK - this is easy. The Bridget in Snow or Blue Streak is an easy transeasonal piece. It works just as beautifully as a long tailored shirt with fitted pants and a trench as it does tied up or tucked in to trousers or a skirt with a jacket and scarf. 

So not just resort wear you say. Hell no! We are changing the face of fashion one beautifully curated piece at a time. The value of our Robes is in their construction because they are of a very high quality, will last and can be used in multiple wardrobe scenarios.

Because we care. Now let's see what you can do!



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