The W Store x Wellness

If you’ve been keeping up with our socials, then you’ve probably noticed we’ve been getting a few new things in!

Wellness is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment and we couldn’t be more into the trend. So, if you’re also on your wellness journey, The W Store is the place for you. 

These are some of our favourite new items we’ve integrated into our journey!

The Robe Team xx 


Australian owned and operated, The Unnamed sheet masks are truly an absolute must for your self-care routine. Not only do they hydrate and boost the effects of any other skincare product you're using, they're also a great way to take some time for yourself. 

We promise... no one's going to bother you when you're sheet masking! 

Based in Melbourne, the team behind Mahō are all about the ancient practice of awakening senses through scent. One way to do that is of course with your favourite cup of tea.
With Mahō's Cha Mugs you can make your tea drinking ritual even more special. It's truly the perfect way to both start and end your day. 
Expert tip: Add a sheet mask into your tea ritual!
Handmade in Australia from local products, Lux Aestiva's shimmer sets brighten you both on the inside and the outside. Providing a subtle, but noticeable glow, they're a must in your everyday skincare routine!




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