The Robe Plan of Attack

The widespread impact of COVID-19 has been unprecedented, to say the least. Affecting people all across the globe and all areas of the economy, the uncertainty that we’re facing is scary, tragic and overwhelming. As a small business, the Robe team has sat down (over Facetime!) to discuss the best path moving forward. We’re excited to use this time as an opportunity to pause, reflect, and help you – our valued community - feel informed and happy throughout these daunting times.

The Plan of Attack

It might seem a bit aggressive to call it a 'plan of attack', but let me explain. We feel that this time of extremes calls for extreme measures. And as a brand that specialises in products suitable for holiday and social events, this means changing up how we think and what we’re doing as a business. Completely.

So at this time, we are choosing to focus on you, our community. We feel very strongly that one of the big things people need now is connection and the safest way to connect right now is online. But our task now is to work out how to make it a fun and useful connection. So - rather than focusing on our beautiful Robes (although - in the interests of total transparency, we will still mention them from time to time... because they're beautiful and fun!) - we would like to focus on action. What you’re doing during these crazy times, how we’re all coping, how we can all help others out, what we can read, what we can watch, what we can do with our kids, partners and community to get through this. Together.

Because many people will have more spare time over the next little while, we’re planning on launching a fun competition that will bring some joy to your everyday… Because who doesn't need a Robe to float around in and feel fabulous while at home right now!

Let's Create a Virtual Campfire

We all know we can't get together to share knowledge and stories like we usually do (with a glass of wine, of course!). So - let's make a virtual campfire. A warm and safe environment online within which to share and connect (wine is still very welcome!).

As per our statement last week, Team Robe is committed to bringing you inspiring content throughout the COVID-19 crisis that will hopefully bring some lightness and humour to your day. What we would love from YOU, is engagement.

We want to hear from you. Tell us what you want to talk about, hear about, and see on your digital channels. We want to know what you do (and don't) like. We want to know about fun things you're doing, how you are staying fit and healthy, and how you’re looking after your mental health.

We’re looking to you, our community, to forge the direction of our social spaces and help us create an environment that provides informative content you want to see. The best thing is, it won’t cost you anything.

Please - comment on our Instagram and Facebook posts. Share and repost content that makes you smile. Send your friends a post that you think will help them. Write a review, or sign up to a newsletter list. And lastly - invite others to do all this too!

These actions may seem small, but a little time from you will make a HUGE difference to us – and any - small business. Times are tight, and they’re only going to get tighter, so please support your local businesses and community wherever and however you can. It costs nothing to be kind.

So let’s start – what’s one new skill you want to learn through this time of social distancing? Without daily commutes and extracurricular commitments, a lot of us are finding that we’ve got a lot more spare time than we’re used to – so Team Robe are hoping to use this in a productive and fulfilling way. Isobel is hoping to practice her drawing skills and start learning a new coding language. Bec is going to try (emphasis on try) to  finish the novel she started writing in 2007 when she lived in Townsville for a year. Not to make light of what is happening at the moment, but having moved away from friends and family to be with her husband who she had only known for 8 months at the time of moving to Townsville, felt a little like self-isolation to her. What about you?

Bec and Team Robe xx



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