The Real Power Behind Robe

We're Just Three Girls Who Love Champagne

Yes we make pretty clothes. But we are so much more than that. Robe has consistently and dramatically evolved since its conception in 2017 when I was one girl with a problem - what could I put on over my swimmers straight out of the pool.

Robe is a lifestyle that reflects our beautiful natural Australian heritage. We are about summer, fun, friends, laughter, beaches, water, sand and, of course champagne. We are a touch of luxury in everyday life. 

Crucial to Robe's evolution has been two amazing women - both of who I want to formally introduce to you because they are (as the title predicts) the true power behind this brand. We connect over champagne of course, but also so much more. Here's a little bit more about these incredible humans. 

Isobel Young at Style Magazines party

Isobel Young

Isobel interviewed for a role with Robe in October 2018. The role was Brand Manager - back in the days when I thought titles were important and necessary. Isobel was fresh and vibrant and very frank "I know I am young and don't have the experience you are looking for but I learn quickly and, honestly, if I am not right for the job, please let me work for you on a volunteer basis". It was at this point that I decided to hell with titles and labels - I knew instinctively that Isobel was the right (albeit different) choice for us. Isobel is someone who is smart and driven and will grow her role at Robe as we grow. I offered her a job the next day. 

In a snapshot: Isobel believes fashion is "a colourful blend of art and industry", she is very passionate about espresso martinis and her favourite quote is You can never be overdressed or overeducated" - Oscar Wilde. In her spare time you will find her binge watching Netflix and browsing things she can't afford on Net-a-porter. She is currently obsessed with Shameless the Podcast and cannot get enough of the office's newest resident, Sommer. 

What's not to love!

Behind the scenes of Robe, Isobel, does pretty much everything - from website development (did I mention she is a Computer Science grad?) to drafting EDMs, writing blogs, running around behind a camera catching BTS and making incredible video footage, assisting with design choices, and generally keeping everything ticking over. 

Christie Sutherland

I met Christie when she did some work with us earlier this year. Christie filmed some incredible video footage for us (see it here!) and I just really really liked her.

Because women do things differently - I invited Christie and her lovely lovely fiancé, Luke, out for a day on our boat, drank champagne and chatted about how we could work together. Christie has extensive experience in brand strategy and PR and is extremely well connected in the Brisbane fashion space so clearly has a lot to offer Robe. She was the perfect choice to really take Robe that step further in terms of the quality of our digital output, consistency in messaging and elevation as a brand throughout Brisbane and into other states in Australia. 

While ostensibly, Christie is our Brand Strategist, she also doesn't run to a formal title and works across all aspects of the business giving it a depth and clear direction at a level we have never had before. 

In a snapshot: Christie believes fashion is "A lifestyle, one we choose to enjoy and form our own opinions on, it is an extension of our personality and what helps us to express ourselves in many instances", she is passionate about people and her favourite quote is "Better oops, than what if - Beau Taplin". In her spare time you will find her cuddling her two French Bulldogs and spending time outdoors with her family, and she cannot get enough of puppy cuddles.

Christie's favourite Robe is The Sarah, the low back is sexy and fun. 

The Future

We don't run by the rules here  - we don't have hours and days or even a set location for work, we don't have formal titles, we trust and respect each other's skillsets, support each other and encourage each other to push the boundaries. We don't run to a seasonal schedule for production, we don't follow trends (preferring to sit across them), we drink wine at lunchtime (sometimes) on work days, we talk and laugh about things that are completely un-Robe related and we are friends. The result - incredible creativity, a trust and belief in what we are doing and a solid building of a brand from the inside out that will last because we are not just selling a product - we are empowering women, starting with the ones that work with us. 

Pretty happy I made the crazy decision to start a resort wear label a couple of years ago. Who knew!

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Great post, Best decisions are always made on instinct. Choosing people that align with your passion, but add a new dynamic and then provide opportunity for growth, you can’t lose. Well done Bec, Isobel and Christie.

Lauren Williams February 05, 2020

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