Staff Q+A with Ed Spinks!

So tell us Ed... what's your favourite item at The W Store x Robe?

My favourite Robe item is the original weekend boardies. Made in Melbourne from recycled fabric, the boardies are an excellent addition to a summer wardrobe. They come in various patterns that are unlike other board-shorts brands and cut to a fun length that is more reminiscent of European swimwear. I wear them every day in summer, even when not going to the beach because they can easily be paired with sandals and the Ben shirt for a dry look. My favourite part is that they have a zippable pocket for valuables as too often board short pockets are too shallow or slippery to hold phones, keys etc. 

What do you get up to when you're not at Robe? Are you studying?

I study Law/Arts majoring in Advanced Japanese and Advanced French. Much like our founder, Bec, I have an interest in the legal side of the world and a passion to understand the rules that govern our everyday lives. 

You've got impeccable taste, what's your favourite restaurant in Brisbane?

My favourite restaurant in Brisbane is SK Steak and Oyster. Although expensive, the atmosphere alongside the delicious food is certainly worth it. Some evenings the restaurant has a pianist and vocalist performing subtly which creates a beautiful reverberation amongst the acoustics of the high ceilings. 

Where's the next place you would like to travel?

Where I want to travel next entails a long list so I will be giving my top three. I would like to go back to Japan, specifically during spring and summer, to see the beauty these marvellous seasons hold as well as to practice my Japanese. The other two destinations are interrelated: Manhattan Beach, LA and New York, New York. My mother's cousin lives in Manhattan Beach and they recently just stayed with us here in Australia. Hearing all about where they live, the gorgeous beaches and nearby expansive National Parks, has made me inclined to visit them. Plus I can stay with them. New York comes in partnership with this trip because I have always wanted to go to New York and was supposed to before Covid happened. So, I think it would be remiss of me to travel to the United States of America and not take the extra trip to the East Coast. 

Finally, what do you think the most underrated item at Robe is?

The most underrated Robe item is the Leopard Sweater/Jumper. I wear it all the time when Brisbane starts to get cooler because it is a perfect level of warmth for our sub-tropical winters. The leopard on the front is enough to strike intrigue and fascination with your outfit but not too loud because the backgrounds are a smooth paler pink and navy. These base colours make it easy to pair with jeans or even the boardies I mentioned earlier.

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