Remarkable Robe Women - Dr Edwina Morgan

International Women's Day 2019 - a Celebration

It’s an exciting time to be a woman. We’re excited about the future for women. Really excited. More and more we are seeing women in leadership roles driving change from the top down. This month we celebrate International Women’s Day and the achievements of the many kick ass women around us. We also take this time to reflect on what we can do to effect positive change for us and our future generations of women. This year the theme is #BalanceForBetter, which asks us how we can collectively build a gender-balanced world.

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by a whole bunch of incredibly inspiring female entrepreneurs who are paving the way in their fields. We asked some of these Remarkable Robe Women who work in fields from swimwear design to medicine to share their experiences (good and bad!) and tell us what it means to be a working woman in 2019.

Dr Edwina Morgan

Dr Edwina Morgan, co-founder of Kailo Wellness and Medispa at the Calile Hotel is one of the nicest and most genuine women I have ever met. I met Edwina about 4 years ago for a botox treatment and we have been firm friends ever since. Even though Edwina still pokes me with needles once every few months, I manage to forgive her for that (it actually really doesn’t hurt I promise) each time over a well-deserved glass of champagne. I am so excited about Kailo as it uniquely offers a holistic approach to women’s health and well-being offering traditional beauty treatments as well as access to nutritionists and psychologists. Not only am I exceptionally proud of Edwina’s incredible and brave new venture as a businesswoman but also of her exciting venture into motherhood with a beautiful boy born last year.  

Firstly, we have to ask – are you getting ANY sleep? A new business and a new baby…we cannot even imagine!

Ohhhh sleep! I honestly thought that years of night shift in the hospital would have somewhat prepared me for the sleep deprivation with a newborn. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Nothing really prepares you.

It has been a busy 9 months, since the arrival of little Jack and the opening of KAILO. Luckily, I have a wonderful team of therapists who sneak me in for a little facial/brow pluck/healite/massage when I’m looking a little worse for wear (I’ll admit, the selfcare has suffered a little).

How do you balance (if balance is even possible) being a mother and a professional? What have you sacrificed both personally and professionally in this pursuit?

My search for the ever-elusive balance is an ongoing pursuit. Just when I feel like we are in a good rhythm, something will bring me back down to earth. There is never a dull moment, and there have certainly been sacrifices both personally and professionally. I suffer with a big case of mother’s-guilt, being back at work, and working long hours in the business. Luckily, Jack and I are surrounded by a big support network. He is well loved and well looked after, and is growing into a well-adjusted little man.

Why was it important to you to build a business that focusses on a holistic approach to women’s health and well-being?

We live in a busy world, where time is tight, and convenience is of the utmost importance. On a daily basis, I talk to my patients about the “right things” we should be doing for our mind, body, and soul, but it isn’t always an easy achievement. My business partners and I wanted to create a haven for our guests to come, be spoilt, nurtured and fuelled with the necessary energy to approach each day with strength. 

One of your big drivers is to enhance a woman’s unique features rather than change or transform them. Do you think the cosmetics industry as a whole is trending towards this these days rather than the traditional focus of full transformation (I’m thinking Housewives of Beverly Hills type transformations)?

I believe that Australian men and women are after a subtle approach to enhancing their features, and desire a more natural sense of self. The most common concern I receive in consultation is the possibility of looking “fake and done” after a treatment. I spend a lot of time explaining the way in which each product works in augmenting and softening the aging process, and how my technical approach ensures this is done in a slow, steady and subtle way. I do believe that the industry is an ever-evolving field, and I am constantly mindful of not falling victim to trends and fads, but rather provide my patients with an individually tailored program that sits well within their aesthetic ethos.

Tell us about ‘The Refined Woman’ and why you created this space on your website.

The Refined Woman is a blog space I created to feature naturally interesting, talented and inspiring women in our immediate community. This is a forum whereby I wanted to feature women in their rawest form, touch on the delicacies of their lives as mothers, business women, friends, lovers, and how they differentiate each aspect from the everyday.

How do you start your day and why do you think that contributes to your success?

To be honest, my morning routine needs… well…routine! Jack is the only reliable element, and is my trusty alarm clock. I am trying to integrate more exercise, whether that be in the form of a home workout (Method by Tracy Anderson!) or a walk with my best friend who lives close by. I find my mind functions more clearly when I integrate exercise, and my energy levels benefit as a result.

How do you relax and take your mind off work?

Netflix, and a glass of wine. Simple!

And finally (a completely gratuitous question of course), which Robe is your favourite and why?

Oh, without a doubt, the latest season “Nikki” in Leopard. xx


A MASSIVE thank you to the beautiful Dr Edwina for being a guest blogger for us. You can find her inspiring and thoughtful blog "The Refined Woman" here and contact details for Kailo Medispa here - we will most likely run into you there sometime! xx

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