Meeting Mr Poppins+Co

We LOVE Australian design.

We LOVE the beach.

We LOVE style.

We LOVE female led, entrepreneurial businesses. 

We LOVE things that compliment our beautiful Robes AND make life easier at the beach or on the boat or at a resort or anywhere pretty, luxurious and fun really.  

So...we LOVE Mr Poppins+Co. I recently had the pleasure of meeting the duo behind this super cool new brand from Perth and wanted to write about the business not just because I think it's awesome and stylish but because we are planning a sneaky Easter treat for one of our lucky subscribers with them. Because we are lovely. And because we want to say thank you thank you thank you to all of the amazing people who support us and really want to be part of our community.

Mr Poppins+Co. was founded by Terri and Dory to ensure that spontaneity and adventure were easy. We like that. Their signature bag - the large Kahoots Leisure bag - has so much space inside (its' like the Tardis - am I showing my age again?) and is really pretty. Imagine that - beautiful design that is also functional. Just how we like it at Robe. They also do microfibre towels and toiletry bags. Awesome!

But as much as I love their products, what I really want to introduce you to are the women behind the brand. I am constantly amazed and in awe of the incredible women I meet every day who are changing the world as we know it and I want to know more about who they are and what makes them tick. So I asked Terri and Dory to tell me 5 things about themselves that people may not know so we could all learn a little bit more about who they are.


1) I have an uncanny knack of retaining odd/useless facts like did you know that you can lead a cow upstairs but not down?

OK - I did not know that. I am now also intrigued about what other odd and useless facts Terri knows.'s not so useless if a cow ever gets stuck inside my house for any reason. In the middle of Brisbane. Without a paddock in sight.

2) I have never said no to a donut - who would?

I am completely on the same page here. I am also a huge fan of the lesser known but equally as tasty cronut. Because croissants and donuts should always have been cross-bred.

3) I’ve never seen snow.

Oh no. We love Perth but it is quite distant from the snow.

4) I’m an ex South African, living in Australia, married to a Macadonian and no one can say or spell my surname.

I love this! I am not going to lie, I did have to google where Macedonia geography North of Greece is a little shaky. But this raises a whole heap of other questions like do you travel back to either country much, how many languages do you speak, what is your last name...maybe we will just need to do another blog. 

5) My top 3 bucket list destinations are Maldives, Morocco and the Okavango Delta.

All would be amazing places to visit. As we are stocked at the Conrad in the Maldives, I have been there and just LOVED it! So idyllic - seriously one of the most relaxing and beautiful places I have ever visited. May just be adding the other two to my own list!


1) I’m bilingual Spanish/English

I am always so impressed that people speak more than one language. It has been a long held desire of mine to learn another language or two. Why can't there be more than 24 hours in one day!

2) I’m the mum of two gorgeous boys and wife to husband of the year (self proclaimed).

😂 What a coincidence - my husband is husband of the year as well! Maybe they tied?? Given neither or us had any say in the award perhaps we should get them to explain how there can be two husband's winning the same award!

Once again - so impressed that you are doing the Mummy juggle with two kids and a business. It is so hard. But so worthwhile both for our sanity and to teach our kids that the world is their oyster and they can go for whatever they want!

3) I never buy anything from fashion to kettles unless it’s beautifully designed. 

On that note - have you seen the new Dolce & Gabbana kettle that they did in collaboration with Smeg? Divine! But I digress. I think buying beautiful designs and good quality everything makes such a huge difference. Not only to how you feel about the pieces you spend money on but also from a sustainability perspective. We like slow fashion here at Robe HQ focussing on quality not quantity. 

4) I love my Cavoodle more than chocolate.

I love any oodle. They're all so cute. I have a labradoodle and also love her more than chocolate so I totally get that! It's a pity we live so far away from each other or we could have a puppy play date!

5) I love tropical destinations with lots of sun and turquoise water.


What amazing women and how cool that they are following their passion and making their dream become a reality. We love local and we will continue to do whatever we can to support local Australian businesses and other women in business. Here's the link to Mr Poppins+Co. You're welcome! Oh and look out for our emails over Easter to be in the running for the Easter treat - you'll need to subscribe to both us and Mr Poppins + Co. xx


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Just stunning and gorgeous… seems they go together x would love to win!! X kisses

Sam Andrews April 23, 2019

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