Coffee or Champagne (yay!) with Robe: An Introduction

So I have been racking my brain trying to come up with ideas for how to include more champagne in my life. Not that I need an excuse. But the productive, high-achieving side of me (I try to keep it buried as much as possible) keeps annoyingly popping up and saying I can't drink champagne all the time...unless it's work related of course.

So - let's make it work related. 

The Champagne Edit

Since I started the journey of Robe in early 2018, I have met THE most incredible people who are inspirational, supportive, incredibly smart and talented and who I just want to spend more and more time with. Not just in the hope that their spirit and enthusiasm will rub off but also to hear and understand what they have to say. Because they have really valuable and interesting things to say. I want to learn from that. And it got me thinking that other people may want to hear what they have to say too. 

So I created coffee (or let's face it - tea, because I am not a coffee drinker... whole other blog) or champagne with Robe. Disturbingly, the three incredible women I have sat down with for the series so far have all opted for tea. Not quite what I had in mind, but I'm working on it!

Who Are We Drinking With?

We have a number of really amazing women (and men, but mainly women) lined up for this series. Starting with Christie Sutherland - editor, stylist, content creator and brand strategist - she is so amazing in fact that we engaged her to be our Brand Strategist after meeting with her for this series. Not even kidding. Trust me her interview is absolutely worth a read. And why not read it, champagne in hand celebrating life, women and business. Because we've come a long way and together, we will go a whole lot further. 

We are also so happy to hear about who you would like to hear from... or... if you have something interesting to say, drop us a line and come and have a champagne! 

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