The Ollie in Felidae


WOW. You go girl - this is a statement piece that says you're strong, you're powerful and you're sexy as all hell.

The Ollie, made in our unique cotton/silk blend, is derived from a traditional kimono style with its clean and simple lines. The Robe twist - a curved hemline, French seams and signature transparency to show off that amazing beach bod of yours (whether you're rocking more or less curves).

While it will provide some protection on the beach from the sun, we cannot guarantee protection from potential suitors desperate to buy you a drink, offer to 'sunblock you' and/or get your number. Not just for beach and poolside, think lunch in the city with jeans, some killer heels and a singlet, a walk in the park or just floating around home looking fabulous.

Our model is 5'7 and a half, wears an Australian size 8 and is wearing a size 1 Ollie. Check our sizing information to ensure a beautiful fit.

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