The Bridget in Snow


Does anyone else LOVE that scene in Risky Business with Tom Cruise rocking his killer mid - 20s bod in a business shirt and white socks? Well we do...maybe not so much the white socks but THAT shirt! We just want to grab it and wear it and hope it still smells a bit like Mr Cruise - back in his hey day. But we digress...

The Bridget is our answer to the boyfriend shirt but tailored for the female form so it fits you perfectly. And with a few (we think you'll agree) awesome changes.

We have added in slightly longer cuffs so those beautiful hands of yours don't get additional sun damage, put a decent sized collar to protect your neck, lengthened the hemline so it is actually a mini dress not just a shirt and let's not forget about the pockets. There. Are. Pockets. 

This shirt is the best. Made from our signature fabric it is light, breezy and feels incredible on the skin. Where it in snow for a crisp, clean and dreamy look. With shorts, a skirt or on its own. Shirt dress perfection. 

Our model is 5'9, wears an Australian size 8 and is wearing a size 0 Bridget. Check our sizing information to ensure a beautiful fit.

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